Set phasers to stun

by chuckofish


Yesterday William Shatner turned 86, but according to the NYTimes, James Tiberius Kirk won’t be born for another 216 years. Fun fact: there is an actual plaque in the town in Iowa where, according to Star Trek trivia experts, he will be born.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.23.15 AM.png

Well, well.

The OM and I were recently watching some old Star Trek episodes from the first season of the original show. I was struck by several things.

1.William Shatner was really quelle handsome and very appealing. He was, indeed, dreamy…and smart! Basically he is the whole show.

2. Everything else is terrible–from the cardboard sets to the sexist costumes to the ridiculous hairdos. Everyone else’s acting is terrible and the writing is (mostly) preposterous.

3. However, the show is engaging and fun to watch.

This is not logical. I have to conclude that the success of the show is entirely due to William Shatner.

tumblr_nb2ydyiEyo1tyytjio1_400.jpgSo here’s to giving credit where credit is due. Hats off and happy (belated) birthday to William Shatner! May you live long and prosper.