“I drink to the general joy o’ the whole table.”*

by chuckofish

I’m missing a big day in my flyover hometown. As you know, there’s a bridal shower for my beautiful niece,

and everyone will get to hold sweet, sweet babies (I’m SO jealous!).

But even worse, I’m missing my BFF’s birthday today. Here she is circa 1976 with her dog Figaro.

Incidentally, Figi, as he was fondly known, had an impressive set of lungs. Although we lived no more than a block away, I could always track their comings and goings by his barking. The family probably wondered how I managed to turn up minutes after they arrived home — now I have solved the mystery; the dog and I were in cahoots. Ah, those were the days. I wish I could be there to help celebrate my dear friend’s entry into old age — maybe next year.

As you all party amid the spring flowers, think of me hunkered down in the still-frozen north,

missing all the fun and living vicariously through tales of your escapades.

I truly hope you all have a wonderful, super day!!!

*Shakespeare, “Macbeth”