All glory, laud and honor To thee, Redeemer King

by chuckofish

We had a beautiful flyover spring weekend–the temperatures soaring into the 80s on Sunday–perfect for patio sitting. No bugs, very little humidity. Just right.


Even the OM felt moved to get busy, hanging up this cool welcome sign on the back of the house, which I gave him umpteen years ago.


My friends took me out for an early birthday lunch, venturing out to St. Albans in Franklin County where we had lunch at Head’s Store, built in 1892.


After a yummy meal we stopped at an antique mall on the way home for some browsing. A perfect afternoon.

At church on Palm Sunday a sizable congregation processed from outside to inside the church with palm fronds and a loyal crew of lay readers read the Passion of our Lord Jesus according to Saint Matthew. I think there was less mayhem than usual jockeying for position at the microphone and, with the exception of my friend Chris as Pontius Pilate, there was less method acting. I was able to rise above the fray, because I am now that old lady with the red half glasses who as the Narrator sets the pace at the lectern. This pleases me no end.

So now, onward to Holy Week.

Let Thy blood in mercy poured,
Let Thy gracious body broken,
Be to me, O gracious Lord,
Of Thy boundless love the token.

–Presbyterian Hymnal, #362, John Brownlie

Sunday night the boy and his wee family came over for spaghetti. The wee babes continue to be the perfect end-of-weekend entertainment. (At least their grandparents think so.)



Have a great week!