A little Wednesday rant or “Evil is whatever distracts.”*

by chuckofish

benjamin-schwartz-title-moses-awaits-the-word-of-god-moses-looks-at-the-iphone-elipsis-sign-new-yorker-cartoon.jpgDo you ever go out to eat and notice how people don’t converse any more?

The OM and I went to our local eatery/sports bar (bad enough with its multiple big screen televisions) for lunch last Saturday and there was a mother/daughter duo at the table directly in my sight-line. The mother was around my age and the daughter was in her thirties. The daughter never looked away from her iPhone and the mother gazed blandly ahead. Finally the daughter was distracted from her phone when her food arrived and then she started shoveling it into her mouth. I don’t think they ever exchanged a word.

Who knows what the backstory is here, but still, really? What is wrong with people? Why didn’t the mother tell her daughter to put the damn phone away? Why didn’t she insist she talk to her?

Now the OM is as addicted to his phone as the next person, but there are times when he knows to put it the hell down.

I blame the mother here. She should have insisted. She should have been insisting for years. You reap what you sow.

I like my iPhone–especially as a camera. And I have several text chains with my children which are great. But for the most part, phones have become a bad thing which will ultimately, I have no doubt, destroy our culture as we know it. This is all going to end badly.


Discuss among yourselves.

*Franz Kafka