You know you’re an old lady when…

by chuckofish

1. You reject everything on TV, Netflix, and Amazon either because you’ve already seen it or because it’s too violent, amoral, or pointless (please, no more superheroes!).

Does anyone know who all these people are? Does anyone care?

2. It is completely impossible to find any fashionable clothes that flatter your dumpy figure. I’ll spare you photos. You can use your imagination.

3. Ditto shoes. Ditto comments on photos.

4. You own a flip phone but never use it and have no idea what the number is.

5. A young person can’t come see you in your office because you ‘intimidate him’. And when you tell your colleagues, they don’t act surprised.

Then, again, maybe I’m not sorry and I should put this on my office door:

Yes, it’s time to admit it. I’m a scary old lady. But it’s not all bad. Now I can freely emulate my idol, Margaret Rutherford

and I can be as intimidating, lovable or loony as everyone expects me to be. That’s positive, right?

Have a wonderful weekend!