“Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord!”*

by chuckofish


The weather was pretty great this weekend–especially on Sunday–so I did a lot of yard work. Daughter #1 gave me a nifty kneeler/garden seat so I wanted to try it out and it was great–my aging back thanks her!

I also took a lot of breaks on the patio (my allergies were acting up) and watched the birds who were all very busy. I was definitely cramping the style of a Cardinal couple who seemed to be nest building in this bush.


Ah, the wonders of nature–you don’t have to look far–they’re right in your own backyard!

The wee babes came over for my birthday on Friday night and I got a lot of baby time, especially with the wee bud who was wearing tiny overalls.IMG_1072.jpgThe OM got Lottie and she passed out. (Was it his thermo-nuclear death breath?)IMG_1070.jpg

And I got presents too!

One such present was Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) which my dual personality gave me. It is a film from New Zealand,


…and we enjoyed it very much when we watched it Saturday night. So if you are looking for something different (and PG rated), this is the film for you! It is funny and charming and shot entirely in beautiful New Zealand.

I also got a start on putting together the wedding invitations for daughter #2’s upcoming nuptials. (Hat tip to daughter #1 who called the Service Bureau to double check the correct order of rsvp card/direction card/reply envelope/invitation!)


Since we had worked hard in the yard, the OM and I treated ourselves to our first trip of the season to Ted Drewe’s.


It is the simple pleasures in life that are the best, right?

Now it is back to the salt mine. Have a good week!

*Isaiah 2:5