“You are the music while the music lasts”*

The weeks certainly do fly by, don’t they? At this time last Saturday the DH and I were on our way to scenic Vermont to attend son #3’s senior recital.

It was a beautiful day and the performance went perfectly — at least if you don’t count that idiot who took pictures (aka yours truly). This is the BEST photo I took.

Tim is the blur at the piano and his friend, Roland, is the blur with the violin.  Despite my photo-fail, I had a wonderful time. The music — all original Tim Melville compositions — was great and ranged from conventional piano, guitar, violin pieces to much more experimental works, including a very cool digital composition and an avant-garde a capella sound piece performed by six singers. I confess that when Tim told us that things would get abstract, I pictured the first part of the great piano scene from Green Card (watch it all), but I’m happy to say it wasn’t anything like that. I know I’m his mother and I don’t know much about music, but I was very impressed! He sure makes his parents proud.

After all that excitement, we packed up the car with some items from Tim’s apartment and went off to a main street deli for some much needed sustenance. Tim’s girlfriend, and her parents and sister, who kindly drove up for the recital, joined us, but I took no pictures because I was having too much fun. However, this is what main street looks like.

We’ll be back in Vermont next weekend for Tim’s graduation — this time accompanied by good photographers who can record the event without shaking! And guess who the graduation speaker is going to be? Yep, Vermont’s most famous son, Bernie Sanders. I can hardly wait…

I will miss those car trips to Vermont, the antique stores, and the beautiful scenery.

But at least we’ll get to see more of Tim and his cat — at least for a few weeks.  Stay tuned for part II, or “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

*T.S. Eliot, “Dry Salvages”