Death of a sidekick

The New York Times headline reads, “Don Gordon, Steve McQueen’s Sidekick Onscreen and in Life, Dies at 90.” Kind of rude, I think. And not really true, guys.


Don enlisted in the Navy after the attack on Pearl Harbor when he was only 15, having convinced his mother to sign a statement saying he was 18. He went on to receive 11 battle stars. After the war, he went to drama school. He was never a star, but he was a working actor for many, many years–and long after Steve died in 1980.

It just seems to me that he deserves a little more respect than the brush-off designation of sidekick. And it’s not as if he were in a ton of films with Steve–he was in three. He wasn’t Gabby Hayes.

Well, “respect” is not something that is in great supply these days.

So anyway, I suggest we toast Don Gordon tonight and watch Bullitt (1968). Sounds like a plan to me.