My weekend at Bernie’s

by chuckofish

It’s hard to believe that a whole week has gone by since I saw my youngest son graduate from college, but lo, that’s how time flies. We had an epic weekend. The DH and I, sons #1 and #2, and the latter’s girlfriend stayed at this wonderful old farm, now a bed and breakfast. The extremely nice owner’s family had lived there for generations and then in the 1970s had to sell it. She managed to buy it back. Now that’s someone I can relate to!

Nye’s Green Valley Farm

Although the main house is a bed and breakfast, we stayed in a separate apartment in one of the renovated barns.

We had gorgeous views and plenty of space for serious celebrating!

As for graduation itself, well what can I say? Vermont’s favorite socialist gave a campaign speech the graduation address,

and his audience listened attentively.

Although truth be told, we just wanted to see our lad cross the stage! Alas, my photos of that event are blurry and no one else has sent me theirs, so we’ll just have to skip to the aftermath. Suffice it to say, we are super proud of our Tim, who graduated cum laude with a BA in Music Composition and an AA in theater tech.

I took a lot of pictures, but as usual few of them turned out, and let’s face it, it’s nigh on impossible to get five people to look normal at the same time.

After graduation, we spent the afternoon antiquing and visiting one of Tim’s favorite local hangouts.

And, yes, it did make me nervous!

Later, the graduate barbecued burgers and hot dogs for dinner, and then we played a few hilarious rounds of Categories. A fun time was had by all! It all came to an end much too quickly; everyone split up and went their separate ways, and the DH and I drove home to our quiet North Country town.

And that was my weekend at Bernie’s!