The eye of the needle

It has been a busy week. On Wednesday the DH and I went to Vermont (again!) to pack our son’s belongings into a UHaul and move him back home. I wish I could say it all went off without a hitch (no pun intended), but no, it was more like a bad sitcom. The ‘needs service’ light went off in my car, sending me into a “should I keep driving?” panic; the boy had not finished packing when we arrived (not even close); the apartment hadn’t been cleaned within historical memory, and it rained. To top it off, Tim and I got a half an hour out of Johnson only to discover that he had left his backpack (with two laptops and sundry other valuables) back in the apartment. We went back for it, thereby adding an hour to our already four-hour drive back. Other than that, the return trip went fine, and the DH, who drove the UHaul, didn’t even notice that we were late arriving back. After unpacking everything and returning the van, we finally got our pizza dinner at 9:00 pm. Not bad for a day’s work. Despite our many “adventures”, I never lost my joie de vivre. In fact, I had fun.

I spent the rest of the week helping Tim unpack in the vain hope that I might see the floor in my back hall and family room again. When not puttering, I read and did some work, but best of all I started my summer project. I’m taking up the needle and attempting to complete a crewel pillow.

Having done no embroidery in ages, I find even the simplest stitch a challenge. Thank heaven for Youtube, where I have discovered helpful instructional videos that demonstrate how to do every conceivable embroidery stitch. Now if I can only learn how to thread the needle in under fifteen minutes, I’ll be set.

It’s really coming along, don’t you think?

Okay, so I’ve barely started, but I am having fun, and needlework is extremely relaxing once you get the thread through the needle. So, go on, do something creative this summer. What will your summer project be?