Seventy-six trombones led the big parade*

Except here,¬† a tractor¬† or county emergency vehicle usually leads the way. But I get ahead of myself. Today is the Dairy Princess parade and festival in my North Country town. Downtown the Green is buzzing with activity. There’s a bouncy castle, a petting zoo, a cake walk, chicken barbecue and loads of vendors selling unnecessary plastic items or colorful tutus. My church is selling bottled water and salt potatoes (whatever they are).

The parade starts at 1:00. In a good year, bagpipers lead the way and there are floats, but lately it has been mostly emergency vehicles, farm machinery belching exhaust, and random people throwing penny candy at the crowd. C’est la vie.

I plan to go anyway. Who’d want to miss this guy?

While I’m off bonding with my community, the DH and son #1, who is home for his 5th college reunion, will be on campus enjoying various alumni weekend activities. The alumni keep away from the village hoi polloi and have their own parade.

When I’ve become exhausted by my dizzying small town social life, I’ll take up my needle and do more embroidery. See how I’ve progressed? I’ve done the outline, except for the flowers and leaves which I’m adding now. The little leaves are kind of blobby, but I’m still mastering my stitches.

My progress has been made possible by the brilliant gift of a needle-threader from my very sweet niece, Mary. Thank you!

What will they think of next?

Have a wonderful weekend!

*”The Music Man”. Dairy Princess photos from the blog, “Windswept Adventure,” and NCPR (north country public radio) via Google. SLU photo from