“A wet knot stays tied longer’n a dry knot”*

by chuckofish

The realization that daughter #2 is getting married in three weeks (!) really hit me this weekend. Most things are taken care of and all, but a lot of people will be descending on our flyover town and–wow–it is a real thing.

Anyway, the OM got moving on his patio project and with the indispensable help of the boy, built a little paved space for the barbecue where there had previously been some bushes.




I worked in the yard, pulling vines etc and generally wore myself out. It is a lot easier to do that these days.

I also started re-reading Jan Karon’s most recent book, the appropriately titled, Come Rain or Come Shine–about Dooley’s country wedding on the lawn, which is surprisingly similar to daughter #2’s planned nuptials. (Hers is not a potluck and there is no bull in the field, but…)


‘Lord,’ he said aloud as he switched on the ignition, ‘may it please you to give us a wonderful day with good weather. That said, Lord–and I mean this sincerely–your will be done.’

I am committed to Father Tim’s attitude. I am not going to worry about the weather, there being no point. Que sera sera.

The wee babes came over for dinner with their parents on Saturday night.



The twins turned 6 months old this weekend, but adjusted for preemies, they are like 3 month-olds. They have come so far! We are so thankful.

Have a good week!

*Willie in Come Rain or Come Shine