“Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Tomorrow is our maternal grandfather’s birthday (Bunker Hill Day) and Sunday is Father’s Day.┬áHere he is in c. 1929 with our mother.


And here he is around 1964 again with our mother and her sister Susanne.

summer 64 1.png

Bunker (1900–1968) was quite a character (as I’ve written before) and our mother thought the world of him. He was a great sportsman and outdoorsman, a devoted fly-fisherman. He even went deep sea fishing at least once. He was a competitive table tennis player. It’s a good thing he never took up golf, because he would no doubt have become obsessed with that. The same goes for bridge. He loved baseball and Ted Williams and the Red Sox.

He took up furniture-making late in life as a hobby and turned out reproductions of antiques that were like works of art. He took classes and studied how to do it and read up on it and practiced and drew plans. Although not an academic per se, he was a student all is life. Our mother took after her father in that way.

Bunker was a manly man who didn’t have sons. C’est la vie.

So a toast to Bunker on his birthday and to all Fathers who do their best on Sunday. The boy will be celebrating his first Father’s Day–pretty exciting.

WRC dad.jpg

Enjoy your weekend–keep cool!


* Proverbs 22:6