A little Wednesday rant

by chuckofish

Daughter #1 just told me something really disturbing.

She said that the Hallmark Channel has announced that it has started production on the At Home in Mitford movie based on the first book in Jan Karon’s beloved series.

There has been talk of this for years and the million dollar question has been: Who will they cast as Father Tim? Most suggestions by fans have ranged from the stupid to the deranged, but the producers have gone beyond deranged, casting Cameron Mathison, a soap star and hunk whose career high point was being on Dancing With the Stars.


O.M.G. Are you kidding me? We’re talking Father Tim–aging, overweight, bald, and diabetic!

Granted Anthony Hopkins (Jan Karon’s choice) and Robert Duvall may not have been available, but there must be some B-list aging actor out there who would have jumped at the chance to play such a great character.


More like it, thank you

Okay, maybe they’re too old now. Shockingly, Father Tim was my age in the first book, so why not


or even


Okay, too high end?  Then find someone like that. Someone who looks like he might have actually read the Bible or a Wordsworth poem and is a little the worse for wear.

Clearly the producers just don’t care. They are going to turn this spiritual book into a folksy Hallmark movie about a folksy small town where romance blooms folksily, i.e. cupid even finds ministers who are hopeless bachelors.

We won’t even go into the fact that Andie McDowell was cast as Cynthia.

Good grief, what is the world coming to? Stupid question, I know.