Weekend update

by chuckofish

How was your weekend? I went to an auction on Saturday but didn’t buy anything. I sat and watched and learned. I realized that I really go in case there is something there I can rescue, something no one wants. There was an old 19th century wardrobe that they basically gave away for $100, but I had nowhere to put it and no way to get it home. If the boy ever gets a pick up truck, I may be in real trouble…

Meanwhile I continued to tie up loose ends from the wedding. I took the wedding dress to the cleaners and such. I had coffee with my girlfriends. The wee babes came over to celebrate Pappy’s birthday with their parents.



The little gal conked out after awhile,


but the little guy was raring to go…



(BTW Earlier in the week the little guy even stood up on his own! He may be in the one percentile for weight, but he is mighty!)

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 8.11.39 PM.png

Well, the good times continued after they went home for bath time and we wound up our evening watching The Rockford Files, Season Two, which the OM received for his birthday.


Have a good week!