It’s too darn hot

by chuckofish

We are on the verge of another heat wave here in flyover country. Our local meteorologists are saying that this week we will have days on end of 100+ temperatures. C’est la vie.

We can survive–as long as the AC holds out. I mean it’s not like in the “old days” of my youth when we had no air-conditioning and we sweltered. Somehow we survived with fans. We didn’t have an ice-maker either–just those old fill-them-up-with water ice cube trays. Nowadays we are quite wanton in our ice cube consumption.

bondjulep.jpgI sound like an old lady I know. However, I am not old enough to remember the scorching summer of 1936 when for 13 consecutive days in July the average high was 103.2 degrees. “Pavements buckled and swimmers were told to stay out of the Meramec River because the low water level had caused severe pollution. Fans blowing over ice provided some relief for City Hospital patients, but all hospital emergency rooms were so crowded that it was impossible to handle the case load…Many St. Louisans took to the outdoors for whatever relief they could find, sleeping in city parks and along highways on the outskirts…Heavy rains in August ended the ordeal.”*

Zut alors! Anyway, here’s a little Ella Fitzgerald to help you keep your “cool”…

…and while you’re at it, have a cold one!


And as always, count your blessings!

*St. Louis Day by Day by Frances Hurd Stadler