Moving time

August seems to be moving month. This weekend the DH and I are helping son #3 pack up his worldly belongings preparatory to moving to Indiana, where he will be gainfully employed as the head sound technician at this pretty Hoosier college. We couldn’t be more proud!

It sure is flat in Indiana.

He won’t read this post, but I’m going to include some moving tips anyway. I mean, you never know, right?

  1. Plan and organize before you start packing. That way you won’t end up with a hundred, half-empty carrier bags full of random objects (I’m recalling that epic move back from college after graduation).
  2. Pack books and other heavy things in small boxes (Ditto the college moving memory).
  3. Use clothes, pillows or bedding as padding for fragile things.
  4. Clearly label boxes to facilitate unpacking.
  5. Get someone else to do the heavy lifting. Well, we can dream.
  6. Don’t move in the rain. Okay, this one can’t be helped, but do keep an eye on the weather forecast.
  7. Get a leash for the cat, so she can’t run away while you’re at a rest stop.
  8. If you’re driving the UHaul and someone else is driving your car, figure out your stops ahead of time, so you don’t have to text or phone while driving!
  9. Find out which hotels allow cats.
  10. Take it slowly. Stop when you get tired and never rush.

That’s about all I can think of for now. Please add your advice in the comments section, and wish us luck!