Moving time, part 2

While my DP’s daughter was packing up her UWS apartment and moving back to her home state this week, my son #3 moved to Indiana. It was a hectic week. First, Tim had to find an apartment and sort out all the paperwork, etc. This was no mean task, even though the internet proved handy, but he got it done. Then there was the packing, which exhausted both man and beast.

conked out after a long day hauling boxes around

Next the specialist, the DH, with helpers Abbie, Tim, and yours truly, played UHaul tetris.

Is there room for a piano?

Finally, we played ‘capture the cat’, who seemed to sense her future incarceration and escaped at the first opportunity. Tim caught her but Eve wasn’t happy — and, gosh, she has sharp claws!

Not a happy camper…

When everyone was all set, they drove off, Tim in the UHaul and Abbie driving Eve in the still nameless car.

I’m delighted to say that they made it to Indiana in two days, and got the apartment squared away in record time. Tim starts work on Monday.

All this moving and organizing is inspiring. After they left, I started working on another box of letters that the DH found in the attic. This one is full of gems from the 1980s and — fair warning my nieces and nephews — some truly wonderful anecdotes about tiny children. And did I mention artistic juvenalia? I’m saving these for a future post, when everyone has settled into their new digs.

Have a wonderful week full of good adventures — you know what I mean, the stuff of which memories are made.