Here I stand


I spent most of Saturday getting ready for a dinner party that was part of a church “progressive dinner.” It is my policy when asked to host something like that to try to say yes, but I understood when the OM grumbled at 4:30 pm, “Why are we doing this?” Because we can, is usually my answer. I knew, as well, that we would be assigned all the “widows and orphans” in the church, and I laughed when this lady showed up first (and early):


But as it turned out, we had quite a lot of fun.

The next morning in church, the rector began his sermon with a question: Tuesday, October 31 is a big day-does anyone know why? And I don’t mean Holloween…


Anyone? he said. I was proud of my timid self for speaking up and saying, loud and clear, “500 years!”

He chuckled. Yes, And what happened 500 years ago?

“The REFORMATION!” I said.

(I’m sure he was thinking, of course, Katie would know that answer…and for once, he was probably glad I was there.)

He went on to preach his sermon on Martin Luther and the Reformation. I was very pleased. He even told us he was wearing his Here I Stand socks, which he had bought in Wittenberg, Germany. This made me jealous–I want Here I Stand socks! The best I can boast is a “Saved by Faith Alone” mug which I use at work. Not exactly a conversation starter.

Meanwhile, the wee babes are all set for their first Halloween. They tried out their costumes at the “Boo at the Zoo” event earlier in the week.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 12.32.26 PM.png

How cute are Dorothy and the Scarecrow? Darn cute.

22851781_10212713515104778_6289059258683138430_n copy

What do you mean, we’re too little for candy?

We went over to their house Sunday night for chili. The little guy was up on his feet and on-the-go constantly until he tried to eat dinner and conked out.


Lottiebelle, who is much less mobile, knows how to pace herself. She was awake and ready to go when we left.

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 7.32.47 PM.png

Well, all this talk of Standing (see above), reminded me of this classic from 1990:

That should get your week started off right! Have a good one.