Mid-week mayhem

by chuckofish

The wee babes came over last night to celebrate their Pappy’s birthday (after a busy day at the salt mine) so I don’t  have much for this post. Luckily, the boy came through with some great pics of the busy babes at our house:


Phew. I passed out after they went home.

Did you read this? Very interesting.

You will be blessed, you who plant seed by all the banks of the streams, you who let your ox and donkey graze.  [Isa 32:20 NET]

Never mind whereabouts your work is. Never mind whether it be visible or not. Never mind whether your name is associated with it. You may never see the issues of your toils. You are working for eternity. If you cannot see results here in the hot working day, the cool evening hours are drawing near, when you may rest from your labors and then they will follow you. So do your duty, and trust God to give the seed you sow “a body as it hath pleased Him.”

Alexander McLaren (1826-1910)