“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”*

Well, today is Siblings Day. Yes, that is a thing. Ever since 1997. “The holiday is intended to be a celebration of the relationship of brothers and sisters.”

Funnily enough, it is not easy to find pictures of my three siblings together.

Here we are circa 1967 when madras was all the rage…

sibs1967.jpeg…and here we are at sib #3’s graduation from Smith College in 1981. It must have been a late night…


Well, okay, I’ll toast my wonderful sibs! That’s a no-brainer. But I don’t need a special day to do that, right? While I’m at it, I’ll throw these sibs in as well…

Scan.jpgIMGP0856 (1).jpgIMGP0857.jpg

And here’s to spring which has arrived in flyover country.



*Archbishop Desmond Tutu