Welcome to another year!

Today is my darling DP’s birthday!! I hope she has a wonderful day and wish I could be there to celebrate with her. She was born in California to modest fanfare,

This is the birth announcement in the San Mateo Times

and then moved to the Midwest, where we grew up. People didn’t take scads of pictures in those days, so I only have a few to share. Here we are with our cousins in c. 1959 or 1960.

And here we are enjoying a St. Louis summer together in 1973.

My sister was always the cute one. She led the way in fashion and people always thought I was older than she was due to my superior gravitas (i.e. extra ten pounds and un-sculpted eyebrows). Some things never change 🙂

Though very lady-like, she was an intrepid plinker. Here we are with our brother’s 22s, ready to take aim at dangerous rotten vegetables in about 1983(?).

I believe that that photo was taken shortly before the infamous ‘vest incident’. It was a warmer day than we anticipated and my sister had taken off her down vest and placed it on the hillside. Out of nowhere a dog ran onto the scene and straight to the vest, upon which it relieved itself! The memory still makes me laugh.

My sister has been there through every part of my life. We even attended the same college. She is the best, and I love her beyond words. Happy birthday, sweet girl. Here’s hoping the next year brings joy, peace and good health!

Mary Cassatt, Two Sisters

Have a great day today and a happy Easter tomorrow!