This is how my mind works

As you know, I enjoy perusing the obits in the alumni magazines I receive, most notably the old guys who went to Williams College. Case in point:

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 11.31.44 AM.png

Serving in the 104th division must have been important to Jerry since it was included in his fairly short obituary. So I looked up the Timberwolf Division.

“Nothing in Hell can stop the Timberwolves” was their motto in WWII. They fought through the Battle of Hürtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge and attacked the bridgehead at Remagen. As the 104th advanced into Thuringia, the unit overran Nordhausen and the Dora-Mittlebau concentration camp on April 11, 1945.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.36.14 AM.png

During WWII, soldiers of the division were awarded two Medals of Honor, 14 Distinguished Service Crosses, one Distinguished Service Medal, 642 Silver Star Medals, six Legion of Merit Medals, 20 Soldier’s Medals, 2,797 Bronze Star Medals, and 40 Air Medals.

NYC Mayor Ed Koch and NY Governor Hugh Carey served in the 104th during WWII, as did screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky and NFL player Bob Shaw.

To me, this is very interesting. I have such respect for these veterans, especially the ones who came home and attempted to lead normal lives and stayed married for 67 years! So a toast to these brave men, the living and the dead.