Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

Daughter #1 here. Well, we’ve made it to Friday. This week has felt both arduous and easy. Daughter #2 arrived safely yesterday afternoon. And I am thankful her flight was not delayed (though it landed 30 minutes late despite the board proclaiming the flight on time).

It could have easily gone the other way as we’ve had quite the weather week here in Missouri! Tuesday night, we were alarmed to hear the tornado sirens around 5p despite what appeared to a regular grey sky. I guess these days they run the alarms to encourage people to seek shelter. Back in my day, the sirens meant imminent danger! Regardless, we turned on the local news to catch breathless weather people tracking storms across the vast viewing area. A line of dangerous storms was heading our direction–and did eventually make it our way. It got dark and ominous for about 45 seconds. And it rained buckets.


And Wednesday night, I was awakened at 3a to thunder and lightning and more buckets of rain. It continued for an hour. I was very worried about poor car parked outside. In my apartment and at work, I park in a garage, but here in Kirkwood, my car is left on the driveway. Do I need to check my privilege with that concern? Probably.

I had no idea that hours before a tornado had actually touched down and wreaked havoc in Jefferson City! Mere blocks from my office!


The above shows the Capitol (surrounded by scaffolding and temperature controlling wrap giving it a real space station effect) and a street full of mansions that have seen better days (the entire street is boarded up homes). Apparently, they are all owned by one crazy old lady who refuses to sell them. Maybe now they can get fixed up?


The damage is pretty extensive–but I am thankful there were minimal injuries and no deaths.


Next week, I am venturing to Joplin for work–you’ll recall that eight years ago Wednesday, the town was devastated by an EF5 tornado that killed 158 people, flattened entire neighborhoods, and caused billions of dollars of damage. We are doing an event at the Joplin Public library that has been rebuilt after being destroyed.

Weather is wild. I find it fascinating. And enjoy it best from inside and at a reasonable distance.