I raise a hallelujah.

Daughter #1 here. Well, I missed my assigned blogging day last week–and clearly almost missed today’s. Sorry. I don’t have a personal computer.

Last week, I ventured across the state to Joplin for a two-day work event. I endured a very stressful drive in a torrential downpour for part of it and then spent the rest of the 4 1/2 hour drive trying to outrun the storm. It started raining five minutes after I arrived in Kirkwood.

The next day, I flew to Naples, Florida for a weekend with my gal pals. I got some sun and convo . Glimpsed a dolphin. Enjoyed some spritzes.


Now, I’m back in the flood zone that is Mid-Missouri. Every day I’m amazed that I don’t work in a lake region. And because half the streets are closed, traffic is a joy.


I’ve been trying to focus on the beauty around me–even as things seem less than perfect.