Travel check-in: days 1-4 on the road

It’s day five of our epic trip and we’re about to leave Indiana for the wilds of Iowa — at least that’s the plan. It’ll be a long day’s drive in the rain, but that’s okay.  Let me bring you up to date on the trip so far. We started slowly last Tuesday, driving only to Liverpool, NY to celebrate son #1’s (belated) birthday. We had a wonderful dinner at a local Indian restaurant

Those are appetizers on his plate, not the main course.

and then went back to his apartment to open presents and provide moral support (i.e. watch) while he assembled new DVD storage shelves.

Mike Baxter at work.

Next morning we headed to Ohio; the drive was uneventful and we made it without mishap to Springfield, the home of the Heart of Ohio Antique Mall. The mall is so big that it took us three hours to do a quick browse through. We saw many wondrous things including this mounted turkey’s foot. There’s a story behind that one — perhaps involving voodoo?

Alas, there weren’t many antiques on the premises and those were overpriced.

Thursday’s drive was a little more challenging due to the heavy truck traffic and rain, but we made it to Indiana in time for a lovely dinner and a visit to the Backstep Brewing Co. for trivia night with some of Tim’s and Abbie’s co-workers. Our team won both rounds! It was loads of fun, but I confess that I did not contribute much.

Abbie clinched both rounds by getting the  bonus question!

On Friday we went to lunch at Maxine’s on the Green

and then to the Crawfordsville Strawberry Festival located on the grounds of the Lane mansion, which we got to tour.

Now owned by the Crawfordsville historical society, the house started life as a four-room cottage. When Henry Lane bought it in the 1840s, he enlarged it substantially. I like the side porch:

Lane was a U.S. Senator whose main claim to fame was that he represented Indiana at Lincoln’s funeral. As a prominent Crawfordsville resident he was also a good friend of Lew Wallace, author of Ben Hur.  After our tour, we did a little antiquing and then got ice cream in nearby village. Then we came home to relax on the balcony with Eve.

The DH and Eve relax.

Soon we’ll pack up and head out! We’re having a great time and will check in again on Tuesday if possible. Stay safe and follow the rules of the road!