Wednesday random thoughts.

Daughter #1 here. I gather last week’s Wednesday Treat was a big hit. I should just pepper today’s post with photos of a dashing Cary Grant or something. Instead, I’m going to share some random thoughts.

Flood waters in Jefferson City are finally starting to recede. When everything was flooded, I thought ‘Where did all this water come from?’ and now I think ‘Where has it all gone?’ Anyway, hopefully, things will soon return to normal on my drive to work.


Also, on an unrelated note, they are working on the parking garage where I am #blessed to have an assigned spot. During this construction, parking is a free-for-all though and some biotch in a white Acura parks in my spot EVERY DAY. The spots around me are free, but mine is ALWAYS TAKEN. It seriously triggers me first thing every morning. Sigh.

One of the joys of Mid-MO life is the plethora of country radio stations. While on my drive recently, I was struck by the notion that a man who looks like the one below ever had a career. And not a bad one!


I mean really. One of my favorite radio stations plays classics mixed in with current hits and sometimes I am struck by the old, tacky songs. How did this song ever get recorded? Let alone make it to number one?!

To make up for exposing you to that song and the pic of Joe Diffie, enjoy the pretty wallpaper options for your phone from Schumacher’s instagram.