Gallivanting around New York

As promised, daughter #2 is here with further updates on her week spent in New York City. We stayed in an Airbnb in SOHO so that I could be close to the conference at NYU, which means our trip was very hip — and very expensive! It’s dangerous when you become inured to $17 cocktails, $6 cold brew coffees, and $100 meals. We had been saving up for this trip for months, and it was subsidized by my conference funding, but woof. Just imagine me in the background of this blog post, whispering, “I know this is indulgent. I know this is indulgent.”

Annnnyway… the GOOD part of spending 7 full days in a hip neighborhood is that we found our favorite neighborhood spot (with a happy hour — praise hands) …


They specialized in negronis!

we could easily walk to other neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan…


A classic view from the High Line

and we could pop in to stores for lots of quick shopping, which was particularly useful when we’d get caught in a torrential downpour. We didn’t do any buying, but the window shopping in New York is informative. Remember when stores like H&M and Urban Outfitters hadn’t even expanded beyond New York? It isn’t quite that extreme anymore, but I do take note of which trends have not yet made it to DC, let alone our flyover hometown. (Nothing good, I promise. Mostly a ubiquity of Golden Goose sneakers, which, for some reason, are purposefully distressed and literally cost $500.)

The highlights of our trip, I’d say, were The Cloisters…IMG_4315IMG_4304IMG_4313and the American Ballet Theatre. I followed the rules and did NOT take photos of the production, so here’s a snapshot DN took of me pre-show.IMG_1412.JPGPhew! It was a whirlwind trip, filled with even more sights than I’ve included here. I’m so glad we went for it — and I’m so glad we’re home.