Monday moves

It is hard to believe that just ONE week ago was moving day (for daughter #2). Thankfully, we are feeling more and more settled in our new digs.

We have unrolled a new rug and put together a few important corners of the apartment. Our living space can finally be lived in, especially because the internet (and thus, streaming tv) was installed this morning.

Now, mind you, the living room is free of boxes because we’ve moved most of them to the spare bedroom.


Our extensive glassware collection is waiting to be properly stored


Books, books, and more books!

But we are certainly getting there.


The beige walls are not the most photogenic

At one point, while running errands in our new neighborhood (a perfect gift store where one can find a last-minute birthday card, a high quality lunch spot, an ACE hardware — all around the corner!) I got a serious, vision-impairing migraine. Yow! I slinked home to nap. When I woke up, DN had purchased farmers market zinnias and left them by my bedside. Idyllic, huh? It’s a long way from the detritus-strewn streets of College Park!