Midweek musings

Since Saturday’s post, I have spent most of my time playing online solitaire, which is extremely addictive, and watching foreign programs on Netflix and Amazon, having run out of interesting English-language ones. I won’t discuss my viewing in detail since I don’t have strong feelings about anything I’ve seen. Let’s attribute my lack of enthusiasm to this morning’s dark and thundery weather and move on.

Recently I bought a valance to go in the kitchen until I can find the perfect (more colorful) curtains. Here’s a close-up,

and here is the wider view.

It’ll do nicely for the time being, but I do need to put something up on the wall to the right of the sink. Suggestions?

Finally, I want to share this great Johnny Cash song that I recently discovered. Give it a listen.

We’d all do well to pay attention to the message!

Enjoy the rest of your week, and remember, it’s almost Friday!