Lord it’s the same old tune, fiddle and guitar.

Daughter #1 here. Happy Wednesday. I thought about doing a post about the Country Music documentary (hence the title) but I don’t really have the bandwidth today. So, I’m going to talk about Dancing with the Stars (I have a lot of feelings) again.


The themes I stated last week, were even more pronounced this week. The dancing skill level is still pretty low–I mean, the highest scores are for the woman from The Office who seems just as surprised as we are that she is doing this. I mean, I tend to love those storylines–but it loses its charm when everyone is pretty average.

The uneven scoring–which was exacerbated by horrible song/dance choices. It’s not a level playing field when Lauren Alaina has to dance a TANGO to “Pretty Woman” while James Vanderbeek danced a rumba to that song from the Bradley Cooper/Gaga A Star is Born. And why did Kel Mitchell have to dance to “My Heart Will Go On”???

Also, whenever James Vanderbeek dances, I think of this.

And the booing. It was even worse this week. Karamo, the guy from Queer Eye, gave a decidedly bad performance. And when the judges expressed an accurate assessment, they were booed. I mean, what is wrong with the state of our society that people think someone should win a contest with rules (that are well-established before the start) just because you like them? Let’s just eliminate the judging and give everyone hugs for doing a dance each week.

On the other hand, I feel very #blessed (but literally) that I get to watch this show in my nice, clean, and spacious apartment with a glass of wine. We are all so lucky–and it is important to remember that.