A new TV show to consider

After hearing about it from seemingly everyone, DN & I decided to give the show Schitt’s Creek a try. The show was created by Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy, who also star in the series with daughter/sister Sarah — a real family affair. Centering on the Rose family’s fall from grace that leaves them living in a motel in the town of “Schitt’s Creek,” the show draws its strength from good writing and comedic acting. Given that Catherine O’Hara costars as Moira Rose, wife to Eugene Levy’s Johnny Rose, the films of Christopher Guest come to mind. There’s a similar vibe, which I might describe as… oddball farce with heart?

We have also compared the show to Arrested Development, given the similar founding premise. On the other hand, Arrested Development is hilarious for its one-liners and gifability. In Schitt’s Creek, humor is situational, and the biggest laughs are rooted in the actors’ delivery of their characters’ quirks. I couldn’t find my favorite scenes online, but here’s an example:

So far, we have only seen the second season, as it was advised that we skip the first. I suppose it might have taken the first season a bit of time to find its footing. But I plan to go back and watch, if only to see the backstory of my favorite characters — the whole Rose family has grown on me immensely!

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