Kitchen Casualties

The wear and tear of daily life takes a toll on all of us — not least on the objects that we rely on for our comfort, including all types of dishes and glassware. We rarely think about the things we use every day until something gets broken. Take, for example, the tea-making paraphernalia that we use constantly.

The electric kettle needs its weekly vinegar cleanse. We have hard water.

We store our tea in the Spode cookie jar at the back of the photo. I’ve broken and repaired it twice.

If I drop the lid on it one more time, it’ll be a goner and I will be very sad.

And so it went with my DH’s tea mug. He’d used it for going on forty years until he dropped a heavy knife on it while emptying the dishwasher, and broke it beyond repair.

At least I didn’t do it! My DH is not the sentimental type. I’m the one who saved it from the garbage to photograph. Like an old friend, that mug had seen him through many trials and tribulations. Every ding and chip represented a story. At the very least it deserved a photo!

Fortunately, we are not short of mugs. (In fact, most of our mugs are packed away. Two people don’t need that many.) Guess which one the DH is using now?

I use the rooster mug that my Aunt Donna gave to me 25 or 30 years ago. It has survived very well and has no chips (touch wood). Am I a sentimental fool or is it normal to take ownership of objects this way?

I’ll leave you to ponder these deep philosophical questions. Meanwhile, I’m off to a local conference to give a talk on experiential learning in the premodern classroom (eye-rolling is permitted).

Have a great weekend and don’t break anything!