In everything give thanks*

by chuckofish

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is feeling warm and cozy and homey, wherever they are celebrating. Our plans are simple: sleeping in, cuddling up to watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles in the morning (we remembered we don’t have live TV to watch the parade!) while eating egg sandwiches, and then heading to the suburbs for a Thanksgiving feast with DN’s parents. DN’s mother always cooks a delicious spread, and I have already given myself a lecture about pacing myself.


In many ways, it has been a difficult year. From the mundane but frustrating (repeated ceiling leaks) to the serious and scary (sick mothers), there were plenty of challenges to overcome. But as we wrap up 2019, I really do feel grateful, and that I can give thanks in everything. Good health insurance and chemotherapy, direct flights to the midwest for quality family time (and awesome bicentennial parties), cell phones for daily texts and long phone calls on the weekends. A new job that pays a real salary (even if I have to go to a lot of meetings now). Big windows with views of trees in our backyard. A dog-in-law who treats me like a celebrity and provides important cuddle therapy. Mint chip ice cream. And a dear husband who takes great care of me. Especially when he buys me mint chip ice cream.

Did I get too sappy? Well, ’tis the season!

*Thessalonians 5:18, again
Image from Rifle Paper Co.