“I’m the real article. What you see is what you get.”*

Is there anything like a long weekend to restore the soul? Ours was lovely, from start to finish. I teleworked on Wednesday and didn’t think about work again until this afternoon. What a joy!

We did a good amount of relaxing…


Thanksgiving included lots of sofa lounging with the dog

indulging ourselves…


Pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream!

accomplishing chores…


DN anchored a bookshelf into a stud. Very resourceful with the headlamp, yes?

and getting into the spirit of things.


I love this marching-band stitched table cloth underneath the tree


My collection of “woodland creatures” (per DN) adorns the TV “mantle”


It’s always fun to remember what one acquired last year


All done up!

Our apartment is now feeling very twinkly and tidy. I should mention that DN also¬†steam-cleaned our sofa, but I’ve spared us all photos of that particular task.

I will admit that I did some “Black Friday” online shopping, but not too much. I’m only a little alarmed about the amount of cardboard boxes that have been arriving. (At least we have recycling at our building, now!) However, I am happy to report that on Friday we went antique shopping in Baltimore, where there are aisles upon aisles of brown furniture to be had. China hutches for $300! Secretaries for less! This picture is actually of the front of the store, where they have the more modern pieces that I guess they think are more likely to sell. I like heading to the back.


I zoomed in on this photo and now regret not checking out those twin lamps.

I am just trying to make my mother proud, obviously.

*Del Griffith,¬†Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. For whatever reason, during this year’s viewing, the 80’s sentimental music that cuts in for Del’s touching monologue 100% got me.