The best things happen while you’re dancing

We had a wonderful weekend! It was destined to be a good one, because we started it by watching White Christmas. What an absolutely perfect movie. As always, we just loved the wardrobe, the dancing, the impeccable dialogue, and everything in between.

This time around, DN did a little couples analysis. Phil “ootzes” Bob along, “every step of the way.” Betty, too, is a “slow mover,” and Phil tells Judy that she’s “in there with the champ.” Doesn’t it usually work out that an “ootzer” ends up with a slow poke? What I’m saying is, DN and I are Bob and Phil. I ootz. He was a “lonely, miserable man” before he met me 🙂

Just kidding. We like to think of ourselves as Phil and Judy…

or better yet, Judy and John (DN’s favorite)
Well, our fun did not stop with a Friday night movie. On Saturday, we trekked all the way to Northern Virginia to pick up our wine subscription at our favorite winery (la dee da, I know) and then to Frederick, MD for some antique shopping. We made out like absolute bandits, though many purchases were gifts that I cannot share.

I did pick up this pretty Vera tablecloth for myself…

IMG_5249I got the Spode wine glasses at TJ Maxx the next day. I spent the rest of the day writing cards, sorting presents, making to do lists for the next two weeks, and cleaning.

IMG_5252Like I said–a wonderful weekend!