Rocking around the Christmas tree

This weekend really felt like the beginning of Christmas, because we threw our not-quite-annual holiday party. I took off Friday to clean the house and prepare. Even so, we were down to the wire with our prep! This year was nearly derailed by burned scones at the final hour, but crisis averted — DN cut off the burned bottoms and every guest still complimented them.

IMG_5332IMG_5333We also served bagels with toppings, winter citrus salad, and chewy molasses cookies. I was very pleased with the versatility of our dining room table — ends down and leaf in made for the perfect amount of serving space. (No, we haven’t yet replaced the too-small sisal rug!)

IMG_5334IMG_5335My decor (Christmas and otherwise) makes me so, so happy. This party also served as a bit of a housewarming, as we haven’t entertained much since moving in. It was nice to put out all of our nice things, and people were very complimentary. (I think my friends know that I am a words-of-affirmation gal.)

I was tempted to provide a Bingo card for Christmas decorations–how many thematic tea towels can you spot? Needlepoint items? “Woodland creatures” would for sure be the free spot.

IMG_5336Nothing beats a cheese board! A while ago I learned to put out food in more than one location, and this year was the first time I had it together enough to realize it helps to putĀ plates out in all of those locations, too.

IMG_5337IMG_5338And of course, DN always makes a party punch that keeps the crowd lively. This version is a batched French 75 (champagne, brandy, and lemon) with ice cubes that he froze with cranberries inside. Very festive. (FYI, the thematic tea towel protecting the mirror on the bar says “Christmas Spirits”!)

Well, we were exhausted by the end, but I always think it’s worth it to throw a party. People are generally grateful that someone has done so — everyone wants a chance to be festive! I am happy to oblige. I’ll be keeping this festive mood going for the next couple of weeks — I just have to get through 4 more business days and then the real fun begins!