Joy to the world.

The holidays can be stressful–lots of pressure (real or perceived) etc. etc. etc. I got my presents wrapped during the snowstorm on Sunday. And I finished all of my stitching projects. So now I’m just kind of basking in the glow of my Christmas tree. I’m pleased with my decorations this year–and if I had any friends, I would have had a party. Maybe next year…

So, I’m going to go through a few things that bring me daily joy.


I like to put my presents under the tree even though I’ll have to bring them to St. Louis. 


These three kings are part of nativity set I bought after Christmas last year and was surprised to find in my closet this year! I love the whole set.


All of these things bring me joy.


My first of the Prairie Schooler Santas. In the cross-stitching world, these qualify as “highly collectible” and I’ve been lucky to find two large bunches for like 10 cents each at estate sales so that I’m really only missing the most recent years.


That Galleria Santa was a good one–even if that pink bench was extremely 1987.

I’ll leave you with some good, modern Christmas songs. These will get you dancing, with or without a glass of wine.