“I…endeavored to keep a bright fire both within my house and within my breast.”*

Happy New Year!

I am happy that it is January — a new month, new year, new decade. I did not post anything summative or inspirational on Instagram, but I did inevitably reflect a bit. Born at the turn of a decade, I can easily associate decades with phases of my life. My twenties are now ending and my thirties beginning! This last year (29 + 2019) brought about a number of challenges and accomplishments, so I feel happy to see what the next decade brings. If I have a resolution, it’s probably just to keep up a positive mental attitude, be humble, and stay grateful. Easy, right?


We invited one couple over to toast the new year with dessert and snacks. They left at 10:30 p.m. so we could all go to bed. Isn’t it nice when everyone is on the same wavelength?

I am glad we made it home in time for a quiet New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day before heading back to work. We unpacked gifts, took down Christmas decorations, vacuumed up pine needles, and refreshed some corners of the apartment with our new (and new-to-us) presents. It’s always nice to do a little rearranging as it forces one to take stock of what’s already out, what could be put away, what needs dusting, etc. (Everything always needs dusting.)


Pretty new tray from my sister


Truly awesome lamp from my mom


Antique dresser from my parents’ house that I’ve had my eye on for a while. It needs some more zhooshing and maybe a big mirror to replace the BMA print that was already hanging there. A good project for future scouting!

My dad was using this dresser at home, and when he heard I was taking it with me at Christmas, he seemed a little panicked that nothing would replace it. “Where will I put my things?” Doesn’t he know my mom can fill a gap in furniture-needs with the snap of her fingers? Well, thanks for sharing in the meantime.

*Henry David Thoreau, from Walden