This and that

It was a quiet first weekend in January — we went back to work at the end of last week, but didn’t really get going. It’s odd to think that a week ago we were still in Nashville, gallivanting around! This week it’s really back to the salt mines.

In the meantime, I did plenty of lounging around, reading books, and tidying this weekend. I got a new vacuum cleaner in the mail (which I purchased with Christmas gift cards–very grown up of me) and was pleased with the results. Maybe I’ll be like all the people who leave vacuum cleaner reviews on Amazon: “It’s so fun to use, I want to vacuum!” Maybe.

We went out to the suburbs and I had a successful trip to Michael’s, where I got a wrapping paper tub for half off after my sister clued me in to their sale. Gee, I am sounding really fun! I wrapped up the weekend with my first yoga class in months, so I’m sure I’ll be feeling that all week. I rewarded myself with a hot bath using fancy bath products I got for Christmas–again, I have cultivated a scintillating lifestyle in adulthood!

I didn’t manage to take any photos of all of this robust activity, so I was looking for a Peanuts cartoon (or something) to share. I liked these, from January 1960:

The series made me laugh–“She prefers to be called an educator!”–and also reminded me of the wee babes, who have been known to pray for their teachers. I gather that today is the end of winter break for many teachers, though we are still in the quiet of winter term on campus. Hang in there, everybody!