Visitors welcome!*

by chuckofish

We had a productive weekend, which was made more fun by the fact that it was sunny and in the 60s. We even opened the windows and could air out the apartment in all its winter stuffiness. What a treat!

One big accomplishment: DN’s parents brought over a twin bed frame and mattress and accoutrement that they had very generously gifted us for Christmas. I picked out the bed frame at our favorite antique store in Baltimore, Ryan’s Relics. It never ceases to amaze me how something old is really much nicer than something new — and a fraction of the cost!

IMG_5600When they arrived and we put everything together, we did have a small snafu when we realized it had not come with slats. However, DN’s dad is a whiz in his workshop — he went to the hardware store and cut some to size in time to bring them to his own birthday dinner later that night! I am very grateful to have a handy FIL.

IMG_5601This mattress came all rolled up in a box, if you’d believe it. It’s quite comfortable because it has coils and foam (a “hybrid” model, I take it). Well, we are excited to really get this guest bedroom set up. Rearranging the furniture is forcing us to address some boxes of odds and ends that have been hiding in the room since we moved in August. We will also have to tinker with what’s hanging on the walls (and hopefully hang some more things — we have a huge pile of framed items waiting for a home). Far from finished, it feels great to at least get started!

*single occupancy only 😉