Sleeping in and venturing out

I hope everyone is enjoying a day off today! A long weekend makes Saturday and Sunday feel that much more luxurious, and we have made the most of it. We actually both took off Friday, too, because we threw a baby shower for friends on Saturday and needed to prepare.

DN has very valiantly stepped up in the entertaining realm, lately — I still have the impulse to volunteer us for parties, but am lacking in energy for follow through! I’m very glad he took over nearly all of the dishes, helped run all the errands, and finished all of his projects around the house. (In the midst of party prep, he also put together another Billy bookcase and anchored it to the wall.) Like almost everything these days, I couldn’t have done this without him!


A lunch-y spread


Another DN-original punch


3-layer confetti cake from scratch is a labor of love, but worth it for a real treat (and show-off moment)

We certainly collapsed afterwards, but it was a fun party. I did promise DN that we wouldn’t throw another one for at least a year… so here’s to some peace and quiet! After all that activity, we did indulge ourselves by lounging and reading until nearly noon the next day.

However, not wanting to squander a Sunday afternoon that isn’t hampered by end-of-the-weekend errands, we took an adventure into DC to visit The Phillips Collection, which had an exhibit that was right up my alley: “Bonnard to Vuillard: The Intimate Poetry of Everyday Life.” Now, it isn’t every weekend that I have two things to write about, so I’m saving a discussion of the exhibit for Thursday.

Since we were already in the city, we went out for dinner nearby and made a real date night of it.


You can get in to the hottest restaurants in town if you show up at 5 p.m.!

Now I’m home, in pajama pants, looking forward to sleeping in again Monday morning. What could be better?