Keeping it simple

Boy did I need a weekend. Even though last week was a short work week, it did me in. I spent all of Thursday in staff retreat workshops, and on Friday had to fix an HR fiasco that involved hours on the phone and lots of hand wringing. In the past, it would have been a real recipe for “let’s get margaritas immediately,” but these days I am just taking a lot of restorative hot baths.

We are still chipping away at getting the guest room in order. I made a lot of progress organizing the closet and my desk, though I also managed to drop something on a pile of frames and make a huge mess of broken glass. You win some, you lose some…

60167892697__C16DD2D9-D433-416D-87B0-626F0C21DB45… and then you try on glasses! I went into DC to hang out with a friend who lives around the corner from the Warby Parker store. My optometrist told me I was overdue for a new pair and I don’t disagree. I ended up with a pair suspiciously similar to my father’s. (Not the overly-large ones above.) My father also gave me the “blanket coat” I’m wearing — clearly I was channeling the OM.


DC rooftop sunset

Going into DC is not my favorite — I’m really much happier in my little neighborhood. Cue a Sunday of sleeping in, perusing the farmer’s market, taking a walk, and cleaning up a bit. I’m OK with a quiet life!