What’s playing at the Roxy?

by chuckofish

Thank you, Neil Diamond. You made my day.

Well, the week is almost over, and though we still can’t really leave the house except to take a walk, still it’s Friday and that means the weekend starts tomorrow. We’ll have a little more freedom to do what we want and not just sit at a makeshift work desk pretending to feeling guilty about (not) doing work.

I have been trying to think of appropriate movies to watch during this weird time and I’ve come up with a few recommendations. Here they are:

The Alamo (1960)–John Wayne stars as Davy Crockett and Laurence Harvey as William Travis, leading a small band of Texicans besieged at the Alamo.

Zulu (1964)–Stanley Baker and Michael Caine and 150 British soldiers defend themselves against 4000 Zulu warriors while besieged at Rorke’s Drift. 

Rio Bravo (1959) and/or El Dorado (1966)–Two films with the same plot directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne wherein a sheriff and a handful of volunteers hold off a rancher’s gang who want to free their boss.

Tremors (1990)–Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward attempt to save their small desert town from giant, carnivorous, subterranean worms who hunt via sonar and footsteps. They are helped in their task by local gun-enthusiasts Michael Gross and Reba McIntyre who supply a whole arsenal of firearms and munitions. 

55 Days at Peking (1963)–This film epic dramatizes the siege of the foreign legations compound in Peking during the Boxer Rebellion. Charlton Heston, David Niven and Ava Gardner star.

 We could also watch any movie which takes place on a submarine, because they involve people who are certainly trapped and submerged for long periods of time. Which is the one where they’re hiding on the bottom of the ocean and running out of air? That would be perfect.

Any other ideas?

Well, keep up the good work and chin, chin. It could be a lot worse. A lot worse (see above list).