“I feel that way every time I get on the school bus.”

Remember how like a year and a half ago, at the start of COVID, every day was stranger than the last? And we all thought that would eventually end but it hasn’t really? Well, I present to you this push alert I received on my walk home.

I mean, I’m glad the GORILLA is doing well, but a breaking news push alert.

In other animal news, last week, I ventured north to the big city (Columbia) to hit up Macadoodles, my favorite liquor store. Naturally, it started pouring rain while I was there. But, I did get to see this guy.

Yes, that is a Budweiser Clydesdale chilling under the eaves at Macadoodles. They were promoting an event at the Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville. So, after having an employee carry my case of wine to my car for me, I asked to have my picture taken. See what I mean about each day being stranger than the last?

Last week, I also got to travel up to Troy, MO in Lincoln County for an event. Lincoln County was known only to me as a county close enough to St. Louis as to be in the viewing area but far enough away that they always got more severe weather. Troy is not on the river, so it lacks that charm, but the people were nice. Plus their historic courthouse is getting renovated and the Clerks’s Office has exposed brick and high ceilings with big old windows.

I had a quiet weekend, still recovering from our Colorado adventures. I will be heading to St. Louis this weekend so that I can get my hands on the new Longmire book which sources (my mother) tell me was good and is basically just Walt and Henry talking, so that sounds like a recipe for good times. Hopefully, we can enjoy happy hour at the Red Pony and Continual Soiree (or Club Taco).

*the blog post title comes from this