“Even though the questions change, the answers always stay the same.”

Well happy Wednesday. It feels like a Tuesday for me because as a state government employee, Monday was a holiday. Which holiday it was depends on who you ask. Anyway, a long weekend is always lovely–primarily because it is another day when I don’t have to see the internet. Yesterday, we had a very rainy morning, but by the time I had to hit the road for Jefferson City, the sun had come out. Or so I thought. I crossed the river just past Chesterfield and it was rain, rain, rain until I got home. And windy! I collapsed on the sofa and didn’t move for pretty much the rest of the day.

Last week, while waiting to get my hands on the new Longmire book, I perused Gunn’s Golden Rules, Tim Gunn’s 2011 book full of life lessons and some fashion dish. It is ten years old and incredibly dated. Gunn is a believer in being nice and treating everyone with respect. His Rule #2 is “The world owes you nothing.” He shares an anecdote about how the doorman in his building doesn’t look up to acknowledge when he says hello. “There is no excuse not to reply when someone speaks to you,” Gunn writes. I mean, Tim Gunn was by no means the typical person back in 2011. And part of the reason people loved him was because he was so old fashioned and delightful. But still, I can’t imagine them publishing this today.

It’s honestly pretty depressing to look back and realize just how much things have changed in recent years. I mean, I’m pretty much to the point where if I go to the grocery store and there’s food, it feels like a win. Welcome to the future.

Here’s the new TobyMac song, which I heard on my drive yesterday. It was inspired by his grandfather, a coal miner in West Virginia.