Things that go bump in the night

I love the expression on little daughter #1 in this Halloween flashback from yesteryear. It is the one I wear frequently now as I drive around my neighborhood viewing the overwrought holiday yard decorations. People literally spend thousands of dollars on these ridiculous inflatables (because there are always three or four in a yard.) Zut alors!

I drove by this yard on the way home from the grocery store. (There were many others that were far worse, but there was nowhere to pull over and get a good shot without looking like a total weirdo.)

Have you noticed this new trend this year–the coven of witches/ghosts in a circle? We have a lot of these in our neighborhood.

Then there’s also the undead tea party…

Well, you get the picture. But these are just my feelings and me voicing my puritanical thoughts. You can certainly have giant inflatables if you so desire. And, please, go ahead and cover your shrubbery with fake cobwebs. It’s a great look.

Meanwhile I continue on my quest to find suitable places inside to put all my houseplants.

Having been hot and happy all summer out in the Florida Room (and in some cases doubling in size), they will be grumpy all winter. C’est la vie. Hopefully we won’t have any suicide attempts like last year.