“This works on two levels: blood and guts.”

I watched the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror XXIII last night. Yes, the 33rd Treehouse of Horror. I’ve written about how many lines I use regularly from the early episodes before. Don’t worry, this won’t be a clip show of a blog post. After all, Susie told me you might start to worry about if I make references to shows with nerd fan wikis after my Buffy and Longmire hyperlinks.

Anyway, the point of bringing this all up is to say that I barely got any of the references. I felt way out of touch. Not to mention earlier in the day, I was reading something and it referenced some feud between two female writers I’d never heard of. When I looked the whole thing up, I actually read an article from the New Yorker trying to figure it all out. I was left feeling like a) who are these people–from the writers at the heart of the story to the writer of the article and b) who cares. OMG who cares?!

I feel like Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor in a made for tv movie when I think about our cultural elites a lot.

Once in a very rare while, something comes along that doesn’t leave me feeling that way. For the past two months, I’ve had Tuesday evenings to look forward to because a new episode of Only Murders in the Building would magically appear on Hulu. My mother has written about it–but it really was so refreshing to have something to watch. Something that was deeper than your average show but also didn’t insult me. Plus, it takes place on the upper west side (upper best side) and you know I love that. My mother, sister, and I would watch from our respective homes but text our favorite lines. Something about my mother texting “Welcome back you sexy thing!” and knowing Martin Short said it to Steve Martin just warms my heart.

In wine-related news, Rose season has ended and I’m beginning to drink my way through the red wines I got all summer from the wine club I joined at the start of COVID to support the wine bar up the street (I’m a hero). I’m hoping this is just a ploy for attention and clicks.

Narrator: It is definitely a ploy for clicks.

This weekend at the Vintique Mall (you read that correctly), I spotted these stickers.

There was a time when the idea of a Rascal Flatts quote on a sticker would have made me laugh really hard in a mean way. Now, I’m like whatever, that Rascal Flatts quote has a point.