Double your fun

The holiday festivities are well and truly over, and we have returned to reality. Poor James threw his back out on Tuesday and has been confined to his bed and forced to survive on chocolate and ibuprofen ever since. I had my booster shot yesterday, so we’re taking things slowly around here and finding ways to cheer ourselves up. So far, we’ve come up with two foolproof solutions to the January doldrums.

First, play with your Christmas presents. My BFF gave me this wonderful Leo Messi action figure that really kicks the ball! Just pull back the plastic tab on his left foot and wham-o, you score!

If your Christmas presents didn’t include such a gift, you can always watch Messi on Youtube. We agree that there is something mysteriously uplifting about watching him play. Start 2:06 into the video and you’ll see.

Second, go find a Yul Brynner movie you haven’t seen yet and settle down to watch. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Last night James and I enjoyed The Double Man, a 1967 classic in which master spy, Dan Slater (Yul), travels to Austria to investigate his son’s death in a skiing accident. Here he is on the cable lift questioning Gina Ericson (Britt Ekland), one of the last people to see the boy alive, and he will stop at nothing to get answers…

We like his Tyrolian hat, but later he switches to a balaclava. Is there a pandemic?

No, there are TWO Dan Slaters! Which is the real one? It’s a Russian plot!

This movie has everything: a jaunty 1960s soundtrack, some enthusiastic oompa-band-led night skiing, glamorous parties, Russian bad guys, and a couple of good chases. Of course, none of that would matter without Yul’s feline walk and gravely voice. He owns every scene.

There. Doesn’t reading about it make you feel cheerier? Think what watching Yul will do for your mood and have a great weekend!