Up in the land of the ice snow.

This weekend, I took a brisk walk to the new pedestrian bridge near the Capitol that takes visitors over the train tracks to a new park right on the riverfront. It was about 15 degrees in the sun, but I had on my big puffy coat with the faux-fur trimmed hood, so I was toasty(ish).

There are trails for walking and although it is not a terribly scenic time to visit the river’s edge, I am looking forward to Spring days when I can escape the office in the afternoon for a little sunshine.

The new bridge/park provides a fresh perspective on the river in Jefferson City. Before this, you could really only view it from a high bluff and with the train tracks directly below.

I love when there are chunky pieces of ice in the river. Somehow, ice flowing down the river doesn’t seem real to me. Like, it might happen in a fantasy book or a cartoon, but not real life. Last year, five miles upstream, there was a giant ice jam that caused water levels to drop on the Missouri River. Nature is wild.

So, while I’m not technically up in the land of the ice and snow like the blog post title indicates, we’ve at least got the vibe.